Torch Publish for Web AR

NOTE: Web AR is available through a Torch Publish subscription. Publish lets you share Torch-built experiences to a growing selection of endpoints including Web AR powered by 8th Wall's computer vision technology. You do not need an 8th Wall account to use Torch Publish Web AR.

To use Web AR, you must have a Torch project ready to test. These projects are built using our Torch AR creation tool available for iOS. If you are new to the Torch creation workflow, we provide several resources to help you get startedFor your first Web AR test, we recommend you start with a very simple project. Also see the design considerations and feature compatibility sections in this document.

How to Publish to Web AR

Note: Publish to Web AR is currently only available via the Torch Dashboard, not the Torch AR mobile app.

To pubilsh a Torch project to Web AR, sign in to your dashboard using your app credentials (the same ones you use with Torch), find the project you wish to publish to Web AR, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Publish button beside the project you want to publish in the project list -

    ...or when you click on the project card itself:

  2. Next, enable your Web AR link by clicking on the Web AR publish toggle.

    Note: The publishing process usually only takes a few seconds but it may take as long as a few minutes to complete. Please contact if you are having any problems.

  3. Once the publishing process is complete, you can copy the Web AR link to share it:

Updating your Web AR project

If you make changes to your Torch project, the Project Sharing view will alert you that your Web AR version is behind the current Torch project and prompt you to update the Web AR version. Click the Update button to update the Web AR version. Once the project has updated, your Web AR project will be in sync.

Torch AR <> Torch Web AR Compatibility

Torch's Web AR renderer supports most Torch features. Check the chart below to see if the desired feature is supported.

Web AR Design Considerations

First and foremost, remember your project will be running in a mobile web browser. The load times and performance will degrade quickly with very large 3D models and video files. Because Web AR works on a very wide selection of iOS and Android devices, the variability of performance will also be increased with more taxing experiences. See more about the web browsers that 8th Wall supports here.

Anchoring works differently than it does in Torch. Essentially the experience is “auto anchored” in Web AR and the anchor will be set very close to the device position. For this reason, we recommend any content you want to immediately appear in the view of the user is placed a meter or so forward of the World Anchor in Torch.

The scale of your experience may vary. In Torch AR, we maintain real world scale (also known as 1:1 or “true scale”) where virtual objects are measured in meters. In Web AR powered by 8th Wall, this true scale can vary based on a few factors. There are some potential workarounds we are actively testing. If you have an experience that absolutely requires accurate true scale, please let us know in your support request.

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