Release Notes: 4

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  • Playable media controls object property
  • 360 video support
  • Tab Navigation lets you get to Projects, Settings, and Profile without opening the camera
  • Project thumbnails – select from library or upload your own
  • Copy project
  • New Publish section for managing Viewer Link (and Web AR for Publish accounts)
  • Users can now upload their own profile pictures
  • New Help section includes Getting Started videos and FAQs without leaving the app as well as direct/quick access to additional help docs and support.
  • Added support for additive, subtractive and multiplicative blending


  • New anchor prompts and auto-setting anchor
  • Design Environment help labels all buttons/icons
  • New project list lets you favorite projects
  • New preferences section for the current project and global design environment

Bugfixes & Improvements

  •  FBX: Support for texture translation and scale
  •  FBX: Significantly sped up import of large files, and files with long animations
  • glTF: Support for KHR_texture_transform
  • glTF: Support for KHR_unlit
  • Improved import of large (filesize) models
  • Improved rendering accuracy of large (scale) models - e.g. models that may be multiple kilometers in physical size
  • Fixed import of normal maps
  • Numerous animation import and rendering fixes
  • And lots and lots more....

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