Torch Service Discontinued September 1, 2020

Service Discontinuation

The Torch service, including support for the free design app, Torch Pro and Torch Publish, as well as the iOS SDK, will be discontinued on September 1, 2020. After this date, web AR projects and Viewer Links will no longer work. We may also be able to advise you, on a limited basis, of other tools and/or contractors who can assist you in achieving your augmented reality goals.

Project Export and Download

As for your projects, you will be able to generate a download link and save them. They will be of limited utility, but will include the assets used and a simple JSON file describing the scenes. You can click here to initiate the export and download process.

For Subscribers

If you have an existing monthly subscription, it has been paused & will not be re-billed. The functionality you have paid for will continue to work until the end of service date. Anyone who has pre-paid for an annual subscription will have the prorated amount of their prepayment refunded. 


If you need additional support or have questions about how to build AR projects in the absence of Torch, please contact

Finally, thank you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to use Torch, to give us feedback, to show us what Torch could do, and to the subscribers who took a chance on us. We hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and finds something positive to sustain themselves.

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