Uploading Sketchfab Models into Torch AR

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Sketchfab.com is a great place to find literally thousands of publicly available, Creative Commons-licensed 3D assets you can import into your Torch AR projects. (A complete tutorial on Sketchfab is beyond the scope of this article, but you’ll find all the advice you need at help.sketchfab.com.)

You can upload your own creations or use others’ designs. Sketchfab supports a wide variety of asset file formats.

This article provides instructions for uploading and publishing a model in Sketchfab that you’ve previously designed in 3D modeling application so that you can use it in Torch AR.

You can also use other designers’ models as long as they are available to download from Sketchfab for free. Be sure the model has a license type that allows you use it for the purpose you intend.

Uploading Your 3D Model to Sketchfab

Note: If you are working with a model that is already uploaded to Sketchfab, skip to Publishing Your Model.

To prepare your model for use in Torch, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sketchfab.com in your web browser and sign in or create an account. After you are signed in, the Upload button appears at the top right of the window next to your Sketchfab account avatar.
  2. A screenshot of the Sketchfab toolbar indicating the Upload button.

  3. Tap Upload to upload your 3D model. The Upload new model dialog box appears.
  4. Tap Choose File. The Open dialog box appears.
  5. Navigate to and select the desired file, tap Open to return to the Upload new model dialog box.
  6. Tap Continue. While Sketchfab processes the upload, it presents a dialog box in which you can add a model name and other properties.
  7. A screenshot of the Sketchfab model processing dialog box.

  8. Give the model a unique title that you can find easily through the Torch asset search.
  9. To use the asset in Torch, the model must be public. On the right-hand side of the dialog box, verify that the Private Model switch is turned off (grayed). All model uploads are set to Public by default; Sketchfab Pro users, however, can choose to make models Private.
  10. A cropped screenshot showing only the Private Model toggle switch, which appears in the upper right corner of the dialog box.

  11. Tap Continue. Sketchfab then presents the Manage This Model dialog.
  12. Continue to the next section to publish your model, or tap the X in the upper right corner to close the model and continue later.

Publishing Your Model in Sketchfab

After you have uploaded your model, you need to publish it before you can use it in Torch AR. Follow these steps:

  1. (If needed) To return to your uploaded model, tap your avatar, and then tap Models. Sketchfab shows all your uploaded models. Unpublished models are labeled as drafts.
  2. A screenshot of the Sketchfab user dashboard.

  3. Tap the draft model you want to publish. The Manage This Model dialog box opens.
  4. A cropped screenshot showing the model publishing controls in the Manage This Model dialog box.

  5. Tap the Free button to set the model to be freely downloadable (required for use in Torch).
  6. Select a license type. The Creative Commons license is selected by default; use this unless you have reason to use a different type.
  7. Tap Save Changes. Sketchfab confirms the changes.
  8. Caution: Tapping Save Changes is required. Just changing the settings and tapping Publish won't actually save the settings.
  9. Tap Publish. Sketchfab processes the command, then presents a confirmation dialog box that includes a link to the published model and buttons to optionally share your model via email or social media.
  10. A screen shot of the Model published confirmation dialog box, including a link to the model and social media sharing options.
  11. Return to Torch, open the Asset Drawer, tap the Sketchfab tab, and enter the model name in the search bar to locate your asset. From there, you can drag your asset up to create an object from it in the current scene. Read more about importing and using assets in Working with Assets.
  12. A screen shot in Torch of the Asset Drawer showing search results for the model that was imported from Sketchfab.

Note: It may take some time for Sketchfab to show the model in the search results. If you don't see your model in the Torch search after some time has passed, double check that the model is a public listing and downloadable for free.
Tip: If you experience problems getting your model to appear in the Torch search, send us an email at support@torch.app so that we can help.

"REXY Tyranosaurus" by Vaptor-Studio, licensed under "CC Attribution."

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