Uploading Models Through Sketchfab

This is a quick guide on how to upload a model to SketchFab and make it available in Torch. First, head over to SketchFab and sign in or create an account. If you are trying to get a model that you have already uploaded to SketchFab, you can skip to the "Publishing the Model" section.

Uploading a Model

Once you are signed in, you should see an "Upload Button" that looks similar to this: 

Press that button to upload a new model. SketchFab supports a wide variety of asset file formats.  When you confirm the file selection, SketchFab will automatically bring up a form to let you change various settings about the asset. 

By default, all model uploads are publicly available. SketchFab Pro users have the ability to make private listings. For the current version of Torch, the model must be public. Double check that the Private setting is off:

This is also a good time to set the title of the model to something very unique that you can find very easily through the Torch asset search. When you are done configuring these values, press the Continue button.

Publishing the Model

After hitting Continue, the model will be processed by SketchFab you should be redirected to the details page for the model. Note the warning that the model has not been published:

Before publishing the model, there is one more very important step: set the model to be freely downloadable, select a license, and press Save Changes

Pressing Save Changes is mandatory. Just changing the settings and pressing Publish won't actually save those settings. If you've completed these steps you should see the model being processed:

Once this is complete, it should be discoverable through the Torch SketchFab asset search. It may take some time for SketchFab to show the model in the search results. If you don't see your model in the Torch search, double check that the model is a public listing and freely downloadable. 

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