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    Accessing Messages
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The app can be split into two distinct contexts: design and management. When an AR project is open in the camera feed, you're actively designing. The app menu is where you manage all of your projects, profile and preferences (like show screen touches and snap objects to planes) as well as explore tutorials and FAQs under Help or Message Torch. This article covers the entire bottom navigation starting from Projects on the left, followed by Help, Preferences, Messages and finally Profile on the right.To access the Projects section of the app menu, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Torch AR app. You are immediately in the Project List section of the app menu.  
  2. From the design environment (i.e. camera feed) of a project, navigate to the app menu by tapping the gear in the lower left corner. The Torch app menu bottom navigation is at your disposal; however, because you were just editing a project in AR, you are in the details of that particular project. To navigate to the Projects List, simply tap back to Projects in the upper left corner or tap the Projects icon in the bottom navigation.

Accessing Projects in the App Menu

The Projects list section in the app menu is where you can see all of the projects that you have created and those that have been shared with you, which are color coded as gray. From the Projects list you can favorite projects, view details and open projects in AR, edit their properties, remove yourself as a collaborator on shared projects, or delete your own projects.

To favorite a project in your Projects list, simply tap the heart on the project card. 

To view details of a project, tap a card in the Projects list. If you wish to edit the details of that project (like the project image or project name) or delete the project altogether, tap Details. Please note: you may only delete projects that you have created. If you are a collaborator on a shared project, you may only remove yourself from that project. To remove yourself from a shared project, tap Details, then Remove Project.

For more information about working with projects, read Working with Projects.

Accessing Help in the App Menu

The Help section is located in the bottom navigation right of Projects and contains in app video tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you get familiar with the Torch app and the design environment UI. Both the videos and FAQs scroll horizontally. Torch will send an in app message when new tutorials and FAQs have been added to the gallery. 

Below Get Started and FAQs are links to Torch Help Documentation, Support, Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. To open any of these links, tap the button next to the appropriate link.

To start a tutorial, simply tap the play button on the desired tutorial. The video will play as a thumbnail. A simple tap to the full screen icon in the bottom right of the video will enlarge the video so that it fills the entire screen. 

To pause a video, tap the screen and press pause. 

To close full screen mode, simply tap the "X" in the upper left corner of the video. 

To view FAQs, simply tap one of the questions. A sheet with all of the FAQs will slide up and auto scroll to your desired question. 

To view answers to questions, tap the Plus button next to a question. To reveal all answers at the same time, tap View All in the top right corner.

To dismiss the FAQ sheet, simply tap the down carrot button in the upper left corner.

Accessing Preferences in the App Menu

Preferences is located in the bottom navigation between Help and Messages. The Preferences section is where you may modify settings for the design environment, email notifications. push notifications and more. Note: Notifications are used sparingly to provide you with product updates and tutorials. 

To enable or disable certain preferences or notifications, tap the switch to toggle on (blue) and off (gray).

You can also enable experimental features in this section (also known as alpha or beta testing) under Push Notifications. Tap the Refresh Remote Config Values button to check for updates. Note: The first time you toggle this feature on, you must wait to be approved by Torch AR.

Accessing Messages in the App Menu

Messages are located in the bottom navigation next to Profile. A blue notification pip with the number of unread messages will appear over the Messages icon when you have new messages to read. Torch will only send Torch tips and links to prompts sparingly through Messages. 

To open Messages, tap the Messages icon. The message center sheet will slide up. If you have had previous conversations with Torch, these messages are available to open.

To start a new conversation with a Torch team member, tap New Conversation to send Torch a message. A team member will respond as quickly as possible. For support issues, please email

To close Messages, tap the X in the upper right corner. The message center sheet will slide down.

Accessing Profile in the App Menu

Profile is located on the far right of the bottom navigation. Profile features give you control of over your account information, including your profile image and connected accounts like Dropbox and Sketchfab.

To Edit your profile, tap Edit profile. A sheet will slide up with options to change your profile image as well as update your name, email and password. Below these options you can also connect accounts.

To Connect Accounts, tap the desired account switch on. You will be asked to sign in to the associated account. There are several benefits to connecting your Dropbox account, including browsing your own models and any saved updates to assets in Dropbox are immediately reflected in your Torch projects. Moreover, connecting to Sketchfab gives you  access to their vast array of 3D models. Once connected you can search and import assets from your connected accounts while in the design environment.

For more information about connecting your Dropbox account, read Dropbox Integration.

To Save any changes, tap the Check button in the upper right corner

To Cancel all changes, tap the "X" in the upper left corner.

Note: Connected accounts will have highlighted logos under your Profile image and name.

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