Using the My Torch Menu

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The My Torch menu is where you can tinker with things under the hood in Torch AR: manage your projects, modify your Torch user profile, turn on Touches contact Torch Support, and more. This article covers each of the menu options, starting from the top.

Screen shot of the My Torch menu

To access the My Torch menu, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Torch AR app. If your Torch screen reads “Scan a well-lit surface with your device” or “Tap anywhere to set the world anchor,” finish setting the World Anchor before continuing.
  2. From the design environment of a project, navigate to the My Torch menu by tapping your My Torch avatar in the upper right corner. The My Torch menu opens.

Accessing the My Projects Menu

The My Projects Menu is where you can see all of the projects that you have created and those that have been shared with you. From this listing you can open your projects, edit their properties, remove yourself as a collaborator on shared projects, or delete your own projects.

For more information about working with projects, read Working with Projects.

Screen shot of the My Projects menu

Accessing the My Torch (Profile & Settings) Menu

The Profile & Settings menu gives you control of certain features of your account, including the following:

  • View a closeup of your avatar
  • Set your display name
  • Provide a different email address
  • Change the accent color for your account. The account color appears as a border around your avatar at the top of project cards you own and on the Sharing tab when accessed by collaborators working projects you own
  • Update the password for your Torch account
  • Connect to any third-party accounts (currently, the only option is Sketchfab). Tap the switch to toggle the account on or off
  • Enable experimental features (also known as alpha or beta testing). Tap the switch to toggle testing on or off. Tap the Refresh Remote Config Values button to check for updates.

    Note: The first time you toggle this feature on, you must wait to be approved by Torch AR.

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Turning Touches On or Off

While you’re working on a project, you probably don’t need to see your gestures echoed back to you any time you touch the screen. However, this feature is handy for screen recordings if you want the viewer can see where you are tapping.

Tap the switch next to Touches to toggle showing touches on or off.

When enabled, touches are visible both in Design mode and in Play mode.

Sample Torch animation with Touches turned off

Sample Torch animation with Touches turned off

Note: Touches are disabled each time you sign out of Torch. If you want Touches enabled, you will need to enable them each time you log in.

Resetting the World Anchor

Sometimes you will want to change the real-world location or orientation of the current project’s world anchor. Tap Reset World Anchor to repeat the anchor setting process for the current project without needing to re-open the project. For complete instructions, read Working with World Anchors.

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