My Torch Menu

The Main Menu is where you can manage your projects, your Torch user profile, turn on Touches, and contact Torch Support

My Projects

Is where you can see all of the projects that you have created or been shared with you. From this listing you can open your projects, edit their properties, or delete projects. If the project you are deleting has been shared to you, it only removes you as a collaborator from that project. You can also  create a new empty project or project from a template

My Profile

Under My Profile you can change your password, connect your Sketchfab account and, if you have been selected to try new features, you will also see the option to enable Experimental Features. For example, for testers of the Early Access ver. 1.5 Torch AR app, you can enable the new Torch UI by toggling the switch next to it. If the UI doesn't show up immediately, tap the Refresh Remote Config Values button.

The Main Menu


This setting will show any time you touch the screen. This is handy for screen recordings so the viewer can see where you are tapping.

Reset Project Anchor

This allows you to change the  current project's anchor location in the real world. 

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