Manage Scenes

Use scenes in your project to create powerful immersive prototypes and storyboards with complex information architectures. 

Scenes are a key building block for sophisticated interactive prototypes. In their simplest definition, scenes are a spatial arrangement of objects. You may want to use scenes to present different aspects of an idea, to demonstrate a progression of experience, or combine with Interactions to create branching navigations. Each scene maintains the same relative positioning to the Project Anchor.

The Scene Pill

The Scene pill is at the top center of the screen and displays the scene in which you are currently working. You can manage scenes by tapping the Scene pill. Here you can create a new scene, copy the current scene, or view a list of all the scenes in this project. The indicator in the bottom right of the Scene Description box indicates which collaborators are in a scene with you. 

Once you have more than one scene, you will be able to  navigated sequentially through scenes without going to the Scene List by tapping the forward or backward arrows on either side of the scene pill.

Copy Scenes

Copying a scene is handy for taking the work done in an existing scene as a starting point for a new scene. It could be you want to add a progression of elements (for storyboarding, as an example) or you simply want to test a couple ideas without regressing the work you have already done. Go into the Scene drawer to copy the current scene. Once you name the scene, it will be created and you will automatically moved into the new scene.

Reorder Scenes

If you would like to reorder scenes, tap the Scene List pill and drag the scene into the desired order. 

Remove a Scene

You can also remove of delete a scene in the Scene List. Tap the Scene Pill for the scene you wish to delete, tap the Delete button, and confirm that you want to delete the scene. Remember, this action cannot be undone

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