Quick Actions

Quick actions are tasks you often perform on one or more objects and are found in the Object Quick Actions menu. Currently you can lock/unlock, duplicate, copy/paste, or delete your selection. This also works for multiple selected objects.

Selection Mode  

By default, tapping on an object is a "single selection" which means any previously selected object is automatically deselected. If you do want to multi-select so you can bulk edit objects, simply turn that mode on by tapping "Multi-select" to toggle that mode. 

Lock/Unlock Selected Object(s)

This fixes all the selected object's properties. Lock an object when you are satisfied with it's position, color, rotation, etc. and want to keep editing the scene. This is ideal for collaborative projects.

Duplicate Selected Object(s)  

Duplicate allows you to create a copy of not just the object but all the properties you've added to it. Select the object, tap Duplicate, and then drag it to a new position in the design environment or add interactions to it.

Copy Selected Object(s) 

Copy works just like copy and pasting text in most applications. You can copy your selection, including interactions, to be pasted into any scene. If the Torch AR app is closed, your copied objects will not be saved and you will not be able to paste.

Paste Copied Object(s) 

Paste will put the previously copied objects in the current scene. The objects will be placed relative to the Project Anchor in the same position they were copied from. 

Delete Object 

In addition to the dragging objects to the upper right corner to delete them, you can select and delete objects using the Quick Actions menu.  Remember, this cannot be undone.

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