Using Quick Project Settings

The Quick Project Settings button is a shortcut to three properties for the project you are currently editing: changing the project name, resetting the project anchor, and viewing the attribution list.

To use these project settings:

  1. From Design mode, tap the Quick Project Settings button (two horizontal lines with two circles). The Project Settings menu appears.
  2. Tap Edit to change the project name, then tap Save.
  3. Tap Reset World Anchor to move the World Anchor to a new place or different surface. Torch returns you to the Set World Anchor screen.
  4. Tap Attribution & Credit List. Torch opens your default browser and displays a list of credits for all the assets used in the current project. To return to Torch, tap the arrow in the upper left.

Note: The Quick Project Settings menu only applies to the current project you currently have open. To modify the settings of other projects, tap your My Torch avatar in the upper right corner to open the My Torch menu, then tap My Projects. For complete instructions on working with projects, read Working with Projects.

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