Share your project or invite others to help you design with the Collaborators feature.

With Torch, you can share your project with others so they may view or edit the project. At this time, all Collaborators have the same editing privileges as the project owner except the ability to delete the project.

NOTE: If you want to live collaborate with someone in the same physical location, it's best if all collaborators have set their Project Anchor set in the same place with the same rotation. 

Add Collaborators to Your Project

Tap the Collaborators button in the lower right corner to share your project. Add collaborators by entering their email addresses. Include a brief note if you want and hit send. When collaborators receive the share invitation, they will receive an email with a link that will open the project in Torch or direct them to the App Store if Torch is not installed. 

Remove Collaborators from Your Project

You can also delete collaborators. Just tap their gravatar to expand the collaborator details and swipe to the left. You will be asked to confirm that you want the collaborator removed. At this time, they are not notified if they are removed. Collaborators may also remove themselves from a project by deleting it from their My Torch > Projects menu. 

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