Real-time Collaboration in Torch AR

Note: Project collaboration features are only available to Torch Publish and Pro accounts. Learn more about upgrading here.

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With Torch, you can share your project with others so they may view or edit the project. Currently, all Contributors have the same editing privileges as the project owner, with one exception: contributors cannot delete the project.

Adding a Contributor to Your Project

To invite a new contributor to your Torch project:

  1. Tap the Sharing button in the lower right corner. The Sharing drawer opens.

    Screenshot of the Torch interface with the Sharing button highlighted on the context menu

  2. Torch prompts you to invite someone by providing an email address. (If you want to invite more than one person, tap the @+ pill for as many as you want to invite.)
  3. Enter the email address(es) of your invitee(s); if desired, enter a note about the invitation, and then tap Send. Torch sends an email with a link to your project, and an avatar for each one appears in the Sharing drawer to indicate who has been invited.
  4. Tap the Close button (X) to close the Sharing drawer. Torch returns you to the current project.
  5. When your invitee(s) receive your email invitation and tap the Open Project link, Torch opens the project on their device. (If they do not already have Torch installed, they are instead directed to the App Store.)
  6. Screen shot of the email received by an invited collaborator

  7. Tap the Sharing button to see who is actively collaborating on the current scene at any given time. The contributors’ avatars appear directly below the Scene Manager. There may be a slight delay before the avatar appears or disappears as the contributors come and go.
  8. Reopen the Sharing drawer at any time to check who you have invited to collaborate on the current project.

Tip: If you want to collaborate live with someone in the same physical location, it's best if all contributors have set their World Anchor set in the same place with the same rotation.

Removing a Contributor from Your Project

You can also remove contributors from your project at any time:

  1. Tap the Sharing button in the lower right corner (two angled lines with two circles). The Sharing drawer opens.
  2. Tap the avatar of the contributor you want to move. The avatar expands to show the account name or email address.
  3. Swipe the contributor's pill to the left. A confirmation request appears.
  4. Tap Remove. The contributor is deleted from the project.

Note: Contributors are not notified when they are removed from a project.

Animated gif of the Torch interface demonstrating how to remove a collaborator

Leaving a Project as a Contributor

In addition to the project owner, contributors on a project can invite other contributors to that project. A project’s owner can remove contributors from the project. Contributors can also remove themselves from the project. To leave a project as a contributor:

  1. If you are in the design environment of a project, navigate to the My Torch menu by tapping your My Torch avatar in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap My Projects. The My Projects menu opens and shows a list of all your projects.
  3. Scroll down to find the project from which you want to remove yourself as a contributor, then tap Remove. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. Tap OK. The project is removed from your My Projects list.
  5. Animated gif of the My Projects menu showing the appearance of a project with a collaborator

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