Release Notes: 1.8

New Features

Plane Visualizations

We now display a visualization of ARKit-detected surfaces

Project Templates

You can create projects based off templates

Other Changes

  • Smoothed out the project switching transitions, and significantly sped up project load times if you have a large number of projects
  • Dragging objects from the Object Drawer to the trash has a new icon and animation
  • Restyled parts of the Collaborators menu to better match the rest of the app
  • Restyled the project anchor placement screen to make it a bit clearer
  • Fix: Anchor placement now aligns better to detected planes
  • Fix: Tapping on an errored object card now actually opens an email to support
  • Fix: Correct check for password requirements
  • Fix: It's now much harder to accidentally import an object while scrolling through the object list
  • Fix: Filenames for images uploaded from the Camera Roll are less crazy
  • Fix: UVs on some FBX files imported from Poly
  • Fix: Object selection on iOS 12 worked poorly on some devices towards the edges of the screen

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