Set Project Anchor

When you open a Torch project, you will be prompted to scan the environment to detect surfaces. Torch shows you the detected surfaces in realtime as you move around your environment. NoteThis step is required for most AR experiences that use ARKit (Apple) or ARCore (Google).

The Project Anchor is the reference point for a project and your first design decision in Torch. All objects in all scenes in a project are placed relative to the anchor. 

You may place the anchor anywhere in the real environment you would like. .

Once a surface is detected, you will see the project anchor appear. You can position the anchor by changing the phone's position or by dragging the anchor with a single finger on the horizontal plane (the X and Z axes). 

The X,Y,Z coordinate space relative to the project anchor.

 If your project is not designed to be viewed in a specific or precise location, then the location of the Project Anchor is entirely up to you when you set it.

This is very helpful when you would like to place virtual objects in specific real world locations. For example if you were placing a 3D model on a real world shelf or you are using virtual text to annotate a real world object.

Tip: As long as you consistently place the Project Anchor, the objects will appear in the same location as you have placed them. Sometimes it is helpful to use real world reference points to be able to consistently place a project's anchor. Even a piece of tape on the surface is helpful!

Setting, Adjusting, and Resetting the Anchor 

When you are first setting your anchor point, Torch will project the anchor point to the nearest detected plane your device is facing.  You can reset the anchor point at any time by tapping the Project Settings icon in the Design Environment or going to the Main Menu, and tapping Reset Project Anchor. 

You can also drag the anchor to a new position on the horizontal plane using a single finger drag and change its orientation using a two-finger twist gestures.

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