Release Notes: 1.9

Download for iPhone and iPad

New Features

Selection Modes (Single/Multi)

We have added the ability to change the selection mode. By default, it is now "single select" which means when you select an object any previously selected object is automatically deselected. If you do want to multi-select so you can bulk edit objects, simply turn that mode on in the  Quick Actions menu.

Other Changes
  • Restyled Project Settings
  • Project and Project Template cards are displayed in 2 columns on the 12.9" iPad Pro when in portrait
  • Update helper prompts in interactions property list
  • Refreshed Visibility, Spin, and Face Camera editors
  • Changing any value in the Spin and Face Camera editors will automatically enable the behavior
  • All text fields now auto-highlight the text in them when you select them
  • Interactions now name themselves "Interaction 1", "Interaction 2", etc. instead of always being "New Interaction"
  • Fix: Popping of asset list when searching
  • Fix: Crash related to certain gesture manipulations of objects

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