Release Notes: 1.11

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New Features

Improved Planes and Shadows
We have greatly improved the plane detection. This is most evident when you are setting the Project Anchor. We are constantly updated the detected planes while the app is running. We also temporarily show these planes while you are moving an object. This, combined with shadows casting on all detected planes, gives you a much better sense of object positioning in the real environment.
Video Recording
While it is possible to record your screen using  built-in iOS features, we have added a recording option to Play Mode. This has the advantages of letting you record your prototype without the Torch Design Environment also being in the video. There are also quick controls to let you control the microphone and visualize finger touches. Once you are done recording, you can preview and share the video right away. No trimming or leaving the app!  
Other Changes
  • Fix: Crash when changing projects when certain objects were invisible
  • Fix: When leaving play mode, sometimes objects would highlight even though they were not selected
  • Fix: Crash when locking or unlocking multiple objects at the same time
  • Fix: Respect the selection mode setting when exiting editing an interaction (instead of always switching to multi-select)
  • Fix: Clicking an old forgot-password link will tell you it has expired or is invalid
  • Fix: Older sketchfab models (>= 5 years old)
  • Fix: Some projects got into a state where they had no scenes, causing a crash
  • Fix: Crash when selecting an object whose asset has not finished importing
  • Fix: Crash when editing an interaction on an object whose asset has not loaded yet
  • Fix: Occasional crashes while opening projects
  • Fix: Occasional crash on logout

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