Release Notes: 1.12.1

Download for iPhone and iPad

New Features


Copy/Paste have been added to the Quick Actions drawer. You can copy/paste within a scene, between scenes, and between projects.

Collaborator Selection Highlights

Have multiple people working in a project? Now you can see what objects they are working on in realtime.

New properties available in the Interaction Curve Editor 

You can now add delays to application of changes to Visibility, Spin, and Face Camera

Proximity Triggers

Trigger actions based on how far the user is from an object. Coming soon: visualizations of these trigger volumes.

Other Changes
  • New: Interactions now name themselves based on their trigger type (if you have not named them explicitly)
  • New: Pagination of Poly and Sketchfab search results
  • Fix: Selection outline is now thicker
  • Fix: Translucent images with aspect ratios of > 2:1 would end up invisible
  • Fix: Project list fully reloading whenever a project is added or removed
  • Fix: Models with MASK material modes. Existing models will take a little while to reprocess.
  • Fix: New (or copied) scenes are now placed immediately after the current scene in the scene list
  • Fix: Search term and open tab is now persisted across closing/opening the object drawer
  • Fix: Removed Object+ button in the interaction editor, since the interacted object is now always the first object card in the list
  • Fix: Safe areas with some drawers on the iPhone X, XS and XR
  • Fix: We now try to hide detected planes that we think were incorrectly detected 
  • Fix: removing interaction responders now also removes the associated card
  • Fix: reset password process now works
  • Misc. other bugfixes and stability improvements

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