Torch How-To: Working with Interactions

Interactions are one of the most powerful aspects of prototyping in Torch. Using Interactions, your project can respond dynamically to the user during Play Mode. If you have never added an Interaction before, we recommend checking out the help documentation that  gives an overview of the Interaction interface

The first step to adding any Interaction is selecting a  single object in the current scene. The Interactions button (looks like a lightning bolt) will appear. Tapping that button will bring up all the Interactions on that object. You can add a new Interaction or delete existing Interactions with a left swipe gesture.

A functional Interaction consists of a Trigger and Response. The Trigger is defined by events that happen to the object that is hosting the interaction. The response to the Trigger can be a scene change, property changes on the hosting object, property changes on other objects in the same scene, or a combination of all of these things. You can control the animation and timing of these responses in the Animation Curves Editor.

Simple Single Object Interaction: Tap to Spin

Single Object Interaction: Trigger Options and Cumulative Changes

Multiple Object Interaction Responses on a Single Trigger

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