Release Notes: 1.13

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Undo/Redo are now options in the Context Menu.

Proximity trigger visualizations

These visualizations are visible in the design environment, and are color-coded by trigger type (enter or exit). When editing the trigger properties, you can also now pinch to resize the proximity trigger volume. 

We now show the project anchor in the world when you're not in Play mode

This helps with aligning content relative to the project root.

EXPERIMENTAL: Video support

Add video files from either the Camera Roll or Browse in the Asset Drawer. Video playback starts as soon as the object becomes visible, and loops, making complex interactions (like simple video player UI) possible. Supported file types: .mov, .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg.

Other Changes

  • Major performance improvements, resulting in:
    • Significantly better ARKit world tracking - less jitter and float
    • Buttery freeform manipulation
    • Smoother interactions with on-glass UI
  • Fix: Proper support for the new iPads with no home button
  • Fix: Sketchfab queries with low result counts
  • Fix: Highlight on objects immediately after they're dragged in from the asset drawer
  • Fix: Accidental auto-placing of the first object you tap in the object drawer
  • Fix: Crash when dragging assets in while looking upwards
  • Fix: It was possible to get stuck with the keyboard open during login
  • Fix: Deleting the current project from the project anchor screen
  • Misc. other bug and crash fixes

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