Torch Gesture Guide

Use the following gestures to manipulate objects in the design environment. Watch the video below to see these gestures in action.

Gesture What this Gesture Does
Tap object.
Tap to select one or more objects. 

To deselect, tap object again or tap in  
an area of the screen free of objects.
One finger, left and right.

Move object(s) side to side 
 on X axis (horizontal plane)
One finger, up and down.
Move object(s) back and forth 
on Z axis (horizontal plane) 
Two fingers, up and down.
Move object(s) up and down 
on the Y axis (90 degrees perpendicular 
to the horizontal plan.
Two fingers, twisting motion.

Rotate object(s) around Y axis.
Two fingers, pinch.

Makes object(s) smaller.
Two fingers, spread

Makes object(s) larger. 

You can also view a brief video explaining each gesture:

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