Release Notes: 1.14

Download for iPhone and iPad

Animated GIF, Transparent Video

Added support for animated GIF uploads (with transparency), and transparent video. 

Supported video formats with transparency: 

  • WebM (VP8/VP9 with alpha)
  • MOV and MP4 with transparency (PNG/RTLE)
    • These will end up as enormous uploads, so prefer WebM if you can.

New Anchor Set Screen

Other Changes

  • New: Thumbnails for video assets
  • Scene Pill UI updates
  • Uploads (mainly video) are now limited to 1GB - let us know if you have a use-case that goes beyond that
  • Fix: Project list layout on the new largest iPad
  • Fix: Crash adding an interaction after quickly dragging an object in from the object drawer
  • Fix: Scene Pill was difficult to tap
  • Fix: Scene Pill now animated to make it clear that the scene was deleted
  • Fix: Scene List now highlights the current scene
  • Fix: Entering/exiting Play Mode a bunch would eventually leave videos red/not working
  • Fix: 3D Models with "Flipbook" animations, where scale is animated to 0/1 instantaneously
  • Fix: Sketchfab button w/spinner wouldn't go away after account linking until you switched tabs and back
  • Fix: Audio now plays if you have the ringer off (it still respects the system volume)
  • Misc. other bug/crash fixes

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