Release Notes: 1.15

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Replace Selection

Replace the currently-selected objects with one of your choosing. Retains all properties, interactions, behaviors on those objects.

Other Changes

  • New: Added an option to reset the current scene when changing scenes via an interaction response. This is now the default for new scene change responses.
  • Change: Updated drawer styles, added labels on all drawers
  • Change: Renamed "Project Anchor" to "World Anchor" to clarify its use and differentiate between it and upcoming image/scene anchor features.
  • Change: Using gestures to manipulate the project anchor in the set anchor screen will now lock the anchor to the world
    • You can also now use two-finger drag to move the anchor up and down
  • Fix: Gesture detection should feel better, and you are now able to transition between gestures without removing your fingers from the glass
  • Fix: In Play mode, objects could get "stuck" if an interaction response was interrupted by another interaction
  • Fix: Scale interactions where the starting scale is (0, 0, 0)
  • Fix: When multiple objects are selected, most input boxes will now say "Multi" instead of being blank
  • Fix: The Context Menu could get stuck in certain positions
  • Fix: For greater user clarity, the scene pill now remains on-screen in more situations
  • Fix: Color property stomping transparency in some cases
  • Fix: Added asset names to thumbnails in the curve editor
  • Fix: Exit Proximity triggers would fire before the user had ever entered their proximity volume
  • Misc. other crash fixes

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