Release Notes: 1.16

Download for iPhone and iPad


  • Tap the trigger type to open trigger settings - the button has been removed
  • Default value for the color property is now red, so enabling it will immediately show a change
  • Removed the "Infinite" toggle in trigger settings. Instead, toggle the "Trigger Repeat" value down all the way and it will turn to Infinite.
  • Image tracking targets are now selected via tap instead of drag
  • Assets that get added to a project will now sort to the front of "This Project" based on when they were added
    • They will also sort to the front of the "My Projects" list
  • The login and signup flow has changed slightly, and adds an option to opt-in to an email list for Torch news, offers and events
    • You can also now change your email notification settings for help and tutorial content in the Profile & Settings section of the My Torch menu


  • UI would disappear after unselecting an object if the Interaction List was showing
  • Curve types were not applying properly in responses, and always looked linear
  • Crashed project screen now scrolls for really long project titles
  • Changing device orientation in play mode on iPads would leave UI in the wrong places
  • Do not disappear the user's avatar (and access to the My Torch menu) in the properties or interactions drawers
  • Improved retrieval time for the My Projects tab in Assets
  • The phone/tablet animation would flash when resetting the world anchor
  • You can tap on an expanded collaborator in the collaborator list to collapse
  • You can now remove failed assets from your project just like any other asset
  • Crash when dragging an asset into the scene
  • Crash when exiting a specific property drawer (like Scale), and then re-entering properties quickly
  • Crash when switching projects
  • Crash when selecting objects with interactions on them in the onboarding project
  • Crash when entering non-numeric values into the position/rotation/scale editors

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