3D Model Upload

Torch allows you to upload your own 3D models without needing to go through the Sketchfab workflow. Sketchfab is great, but that workflow requires your models to be publicly discoverable, which is not always desirable. 

There are two methods to direct upload 3D models into Torch:

  1. The Browse tab in the Object Drawer
  2. The direct Dropbox integration

Both methods have the same basic requirements on the models themselves:

  1. Since 3D models may have multiple files associated with them, we only accept 3D models that have been zipped. This is true even for single-file formats like STL (or fully embedded FBX files). We may relax this restriction in the future.
  2. The zip file may only have a single model in it. If there is more than one, we will pick one at random.
  3. A thumbnail for the model may be provided by adding a thumbnail image to the zip and calling it "thumbnail.png" or "thumbnail.jpg"

Due to the complexities of 3D files and inconsistencies between exporters, some models may fail to process, or may display incorrectly. We're constantly working on improving our pipeline, so if you have issues, please send the zip file and any details to support@torch.app.

Supported File Formats


  • glTF 2.0 only
  • Best results come from using a Metallic/Roughness-based glTF file
    • Specular/glossiness is supported, but through an imperfect conversion process
  • See https://www.khronos.org/blog/art-pipeline-for-gltf for pipeline best practices
  • Unlit materials are not yet supported


  • The best workflow for import into Torch is the Substance Painter Metallic/Roughness workflow.
    • Other materials will get converted on a best-effort basis
  • The easiest way to ensure that the textures work is to export them embedded inside the FBX.
    • Otherwise, ensure that the paths the FBX refers to are relative paths
      • Good: texture.png
      • Bad: C:\Users\jfaust\models\foo\texture.png


  • MTL files must be referenced from the OBJ file
  • Textures must be referenced from the MTL file


  • We have less fully-featured support for various other file formats, including the following
  • STL
  • PLY
  • DAE (Collada)
  • … and more. Please contact support@torch.app if you have a question about a specific format.

Torch Lighting Model

Currently the Torch Design Environment has a set lighting model that cannot be modified. If you plan to create content for other platforms or want to tune your content to look best in our model, here are the details:

There is a single directional light is a pure white color and located 5 units (meters) above the device origin. It's rotation in degrees is (x:-80, y: 180, z: 80) which means it points almost straight down with a slight angle.

Environment Map

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