Dropbox Integration

Torch 2 adds the ability to link your Dropbox account directly to Torch. This provides a few advantages over using Browse:

  1. The data transfer does not need to go through your mobile device
  2. The assets processed out of Dropbox are easily accessible in the Object Drawer in any project
  3. Changes to files in your Dropbox account get automatically synced to Torch

For 3D model assets, please review the 3D Model Upload guidelines.

How it Works

  1. The Object drawer has a new tab named Dropbox

  2. Tapping "Link to Dropbox" will take you to a browser to complete Dropbox authorization

  3. Once you've logged in to Dropbox, there will be an "Apps/Torch" folder automatically created for you. This is the folder you'll need to add things to do automatically sync them to Torch.

  4. Tip: Make sure you place all files intended for Dropbox in the /app/torch/ directory.

  5. Modifying a file in Dropbox will live-update the changes into Torch (usually within a minute).

Torch tracks files in Dropbox by their path. If you delete a file and upload a new one of the same name, Torch will treat it as a new revision of that same file.

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