Release Notes: 2

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  • Image Tracking
  • Scene Interactions: Enter Scene, Image Found, Image Lost
  • First-class Dropbox integration with live asset sync
  • Browse now allows you to select zip files, allowing you to upload 3D models
  • New interaction responses
    • Open Link
    • Call API
  • Long-press on the world anchor to begin gesture manipulation of it in-place
  • In-app messaging to keep you updated on the latest product and feature information from Torch. 
  • Assets are now fully background-loaded, which should minimize hitches when loading projects
  • Simple search in all Asset Drawer tabs that previously did not have it


  • The Asset Drawer tabs have been reordered
  • Project Templates are now available directly from the "My Torch" menu
  • Closing out of the initial set anchor screen will take you to the "My Torch" menu instead of the Project List
  • Sketchfab and Poly no longer have default search terms
  • New colors, app icon


  • Performance and memory usage improvements
  • Object Drawer: My Projects: show loading state instead of "No results"
  • Fix: tablet sweep animation in landscape on iPads
  • Fix: Forgot Password would not let you continue until you edited the (pre-filled) email
  • Fix: Project title is now highlighted on creation, allowing easy replacement
  • Fix: Misc. icon and styling fixes
  • Fix: The "this project was edited by an app that is too new" screen now shows up correctly instead of the app crashing
  • Fix: Starting the app on a phone in landscape mode no longer allows you to stay in landscape mode (where the UI was completely busted)
  • Fix: Strange scrolling when reordering the scene list
  • Fix: Sometimes opening the app via a Torch project link would not open the project
  • Misc. crash fixes

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