Sharing Your Project Using Viewer Mode

What is Viewer Mode

Starting with Torch 3, anyone can share a project using the Viewer Mode, which generates a publicly-accessible link to your project in view-only or Play mode. Anyone with an AR-capable iOS device will be able to view your project.

To create a viewer link, tap on the Project Settings button in the Context Menu, and toggle on the Viewer Link. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to enable Viewer Mode for this project.

Once you have enabled Viewer Mode and a public link is available, you can either share the project or preview it.

Sharing your project's Viewer Link

When you tap the Share button, Torch opens the iOS Share Sheet. Select your sharing option and Torch will add the link. When someone receives a link to your project who does not have a Torch account, they will either be directed to download Torch or, if they are not using an AR-capable iOS device, they will be directed to a Torch web page and invited to sign up to be notified when other platforms are available.

Preview your project in Viewer Mode

You may Preview the project. This allows you to see exactly what those you've shared the project with will experience.

NOTE: Torch Basic accounts are limited to sharing one Viewer link at a time. Enabling Viewer Mode for a project when you already have it enabled on another will disable Viewer Mode on the original project, meaning anyone with a public link will be unable to view the experience. If you want to share more than one project at a time, you can upgrade to Torch Publish.

Disable Viewer Mode for a Project

You can disable Viewer Mode by toggling off the Viewer Link. You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to disable the project.

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