Release Notes: 3

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  • Dropbox: Support for GLB files
  • Dropbox: Self-contained FBX and GLB files now work (no need to zip them if they're a single file)
  • New, more minimal, Play Mode UI


  • Fix: Pivot points on models that are modeled away from the origin. Existing objects will continue to behave as they did.
  • Fix: Very slow asset processing on some models (up to 15 minutes)
  • Fix: Lots of model animation skinning bugs
  • Fix: Crash and crazy geometry on models with blend shapes (also known as morph targets)
  • Fix: Misc. issues with a remote collaborator operating on objects while editing an interaction
  • Fix: OBJ files with materials that have a space at the end
  • Fix: Sketchfab and Poly search showing "No Results" immediately before returning results
  • Fix: Memory leak and eventual crash when switching projects
  • Misc. crash fixes and performance improvements

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